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Posted: April 11, 2016 in Uncategorized

In the two years that I’m hosting a show on Russia-24 news channel it turned really hard to keep the original posting pace here. One ought to be a Julius Caesar to cope with that many tasks (and I’m not ven remotely prolific). As the Social Media Era has overwhelmingly arrived, I even considered shutting the blog completely, but refrained. Regardless of how many visitors this site may attract it still works as a compact personal card where anyone can find our recent videos and track our filmmaking movements. For everything else please check the following accounts: — FB — TWI — VK — Youtube

Meanwhile here’s one of our latest stories — RANGE OF DESTRUCTION (a doc about arms race and the likeliness of WW3):



Our one hour long documentary about genetic engineering in agriculture has just been successfully broadcasted by the Russian State TV. You are very welcome to watch it, albeit with no English subtitles yet. Throughout these last six months we’ve changed our workflow completely. I hope I will have more time to talk about it in a more detailed way.

It’s been a hot summer which we almost completely spent working on a new film. It would be premature to disclose the subject, but as always there’s a bit of geopolitics involved. Gear wise we are now happily expanding our arsenal with such killer-machines as A7S and GH4. One is a low-light monster enabling you to shoot in super dark environments, another is the first 4K mirrorless interchangeable mount camera on the market. And here’s me shooting in India with Aviator Jib.
Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 9.50.39 PM

A brief compilation from my December shoot in Dagestan for “Biochemistry Of Treason”. Locals told me this craft of pottery is 2000 years old (or even more), is practiced by women — young and old — and passed down from generation to generation. I spent in Balkhar roughly 3 hours as I had to get back to Makhachkala before dawn. Gear wise it was a combination of Sony FS700 and Nikon D800 which I adore for their dynamic range. Sadly, the once flourishing production is in decline now due to the lack of support from the state.


This was the most time consuming doc I’ve had a chance to work on so far. In the duration of past 3 weeks we’ve done quite a lot. Roughly 2 TB of footage logged, transcribed and imported into Premiere CC. 1.05 hrs on the timeline. 54 pages of script. More on that soon.
Some technical advancements need to be mentioned now. We’ve upgraded our tiny Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera to be able to shoot 10 bits RAW. First impressions are terrific. The image is mind blowing when you load it into Davinci. The following frame should give you an impression of what it’s like:
Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 2.34.13 AM
And here’s another innovative discovery.
Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 2.34.25 AM
My assistant Oleg Sergeev is holding a self made Movi replica (cervo controlled stabilization rig) comprised of the Chinese rig and Russian built operating board. It provides a pretty “hollywood look”for your pans and zoom ins when used with a camera like GH3 and a wide lens (12 mm SLRMagic). Once we are done with editing we’re going to get more experience in both directions and share it here.
The world of filmmaking is changing so rapidly the small teams like ours sometimes are getting unexpected advantages over TV and video giants.
Stay tuned!

Very exciting. All I can say at this point.
Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 10.53.52 PM

Shooting for the new documentary brought us here today. One of the most horrific places I’ve ever been to. The camp now is so… empty, but one doesn’t need to have outstanding imagination to get a freezing feeling of what had been happening here. Mauthausen was used by the Nazis solely for extermination. What strikes you the most is that the territory of the camp is relatively small meaning the inflow of inmates and the pace of executions were absolutely staggering.